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Say “Goodbye” to Expensive Daycare & Unreliable Babysitters

Kid City was started by parents who felt like childcare was a headache.  Daycare centers weren’t very clean, babysitters were often unreliable or irresponsible, and all of it was extremely expensive!  Kid City’s mission is to provide a safe, clean environment where your kids can have a blast while you enjoy all the perks of an always-available childcare service.

Peek in on your Little Citizens

Kid City’s state-of-the-art, secure camera system will allow you to check in on your little citizens and see them learn, play, and interact with other children.  With a secure, password-protected account, you’ll be able to peak in on your children from any computer with an internet connection.  Plus you’ll get a chance to see our organization, fun activities, and immensely high cleaning standards in action!

And don’t worry:  it’s an incredibly secure system (128 bit encryption, which would take longer than a snail traversing the Great Wall of China to crack), and has been carefully checked and approved by our team of experts

What Are You Waiting For?

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